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Concentrated Aloe Vera Acíbar Resin (AC90)

Acibarlar® Producers and Exporters of Concentrated Aloe Vera Resin (AC90) in Venezuela.
Pioneers in the region with more than 15 years in the market.
100% organic product, without chemicals or pesticides.

Acibarlab® Resina Concentrada de Acíbar de Aloe Vera (AC90) Export

Our Product with high concentration of aloin

Comes in a 25Kg presentation

Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance: Firm paste with little fluidity.

  • Color: Brown or dark brown.

  • Density: 1.15 - 1.30 g/ml.


  • Total solids: 85 - 90%.

  • Percentage of total aloins: 25 - 35%.

Chemical properties

  • pH value (20°C): 3.4 - 4.3.

  • Water-soluble substances: 80 - 88%.

  • Ash content: Less than 5%.


  • Humidity percentage: 10 - 15%.

AcibarLab® Natural Purity, Global Quality.

Planta productora aloe vera gum venezuela acibarlab

Our Processing Plant

In our processing plant, located in the heart of the Sabilera area, we are dedicated to the production of AC90 concentrated aloe vera acíbar, guaranteeing the highest quality in our products. Below we detail our process and product:

Cultivation and Harvest:

  • We collaborate with local farmers to grow aloe vera without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

  • The harvest is carried out at its optimal point of ripeness to ensure the maximum concentration of active ingredients.

Extraction of Acíbar:

  • The harvested leaves are immediately transferred to our plant, where they are cut to extract the yellow latex, known as acíbar.

  • The latex is collected in special containers for further processing.

Concentration of Acíbar:

  • The collected acibar is subjected to a controlled evaporation process at temperatures that do not exceed 55 degrees Celsius to eliminate excess water.

  • This method reduces the moisture content to 10%, preserving the important aloins and maintaining their concentration between 25% and 35%.

  • As it cools, the liquid thickens, reaching a resin consistency with 90% solidification.

Packaging and Storage:

  • The AC90 aloe vera aloe vera concentrate is packaged in 25 kg buckets for easy handling and transportation.

  • Our packaging is designed to maintain the integrity of the product, protecting it from light and humidity.


  • Each batch of AC90 aloe vera concentrate goes through rigorous quality controls to ensure its composition and effectiveness.

  • We have certifications that support our processes and the quality of our products.

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A growth trajectory
with our allies


Years of experience


Business partners


Kilos produced


Exported kilos


hectares of land


Sabilero Consortium of Venezuela made up of 4 agricultural farms.

Managed by:


LA Rumazon

La Reforma

la Montonera

La Quietud

acibarlab container de exportacion aloe vera gum venezuela

International Distribution and Export

Logistics and Shipping:

  • We work with trusted logistics and transportation companies to ensure the timely and safe shipment of our products.

  • We offer both air and sea shipping options, depending on the needs and preferences of our customers.

Packaging and Handling:

  • Our AC90 concentrated aloe vera acibar is packaged in 25 kg buckets, designed to protect the product from light and humidity.

  • We use advanced packaging techniques to ensure that products arrive in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of damage during transport.

Documentation and Compliance:

  • We provide all the necessary documentation for export, including quality and conformity certificates, commercial invoices, and customs documents.

  • We ensure that we comply with all international regulations and standards, facilitating a smooth export process.

Customer service:

  • We offer dedicated customer service to assist our international customers with any shipping and export related queries or needs.

  • We provide regular updates on shipping status and tracking number so that our customers can monitor the progress of their orders.

Distribution network:

  • We have a network of international distributors and partners that help us expand our reach and ensure the availability of our products in different markets.

  • We constantly seek new market opportunities and strategic collaborations to expand our global presence.

From Acibar to

Concentrated Aloe Vera Resin

What is Aloe Vera resin?

Acíbar is the crude extract obtained directly from the inner leaves of the Aloe Vera plant (aloe). At AcibarLab, we carefully extract this compound to further process it and transform it into Aloe Vera resin, a refined and versatile product widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

How is it transformed into Aloe Vera Resin?

Our treatment plant, located in the Falcón state of Venezuela, is equipped to purify and concentrate the acíbar, transforming it into Aloe Vera paste. This process involves several stages of filtration and drying, reducing the moisture content to 10% and preserving the aloins, guaranteeing the consistency and quality of the final product.

What is Aloe Vera Resin used for?

Aloe Vera concentrated acibar paste is predominantly used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its high concentration of active ingredients derived from Aloe Vera. This product is used as an excipient in the formulation of medications, taking advantage of its properties to improve the controlled release of drugs and increase the stability of pharmaceutical formulations.

Our facilities

Exploring Our Operating Base

Located in the fertile Falcón state of Venezuela, our facilities take advantage of the region's unique microclimate, essential for the optimal cultivation of Aloe Vera. This environment allows us to extract the highest quality acíbar efficiently.

Our facilities follow strict quality standards to ensure that each product exceeds market expectations.

We are dedicated to sustainable practices that respect the local environment, ensuring minimal impact on our natural environment.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our team, complying with all labor regulations.

Our aloe vera farms and facilities reflect our commitment to excellence and integrity, elements that define us as leaders in the production of aloe vera.

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